PCOMP Final: Preliminary Ideas


  • Create a physically interactive system of your choice.

    • Demonstrate clear and engaging physical interaction.

    • Focus on sensing of the relevant actions of the person that you’re designing this for, and on clear, prompt, and effective response.

    • Any interactive system involves listening, thinking, and speaking from both parties.

  • The interaction should be iterative.


  • In ICM, I did an experiment with data visualization, which I really enjoyed. I’ve been toying with the idea of a data visualization with physical input, specifically moods. I like the idea of having several different inputs for a person to interact with— buttons, a keyboard, a slider— all of which will affect a data visualization that I’d build in p5js, which would be changing over time as it got more and more user input. It might be interesting to incorporate sound with the visuals.

  • Censorship project:

    • I was inspired by the Enough Already project using Arduino, which lets you mute the audio on your television when it mentions certain keywords, like “Kardashian” or “Trump”

    • I have an idea to upload news clips / audio to my project and then allow users to press buttons to selectively mute words/phrases that have been political issues this year— like “Muslim ban” or “transgender rights” or “common sense gun reform,” until the videos and audio become mostly silent.

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