PCOMP Final: Progress Report

We’ve made a lot of progress in our narrative, set-up and sensors.

After receiving feedback from David and the class, we all did a submarine-themed escape room together (cliffnotes: we escaped!) , which was useful in terms of gauging how much guidance vs. uncertainty to give users.

Floor plan schematic.

Floor plan schematic.

Our winning escape room team.

Our winning escape room team.

Homemade plate sensors

Homemade plate sensors

Over the weekend, Dylan worked to create the initial Unity environment, Maya prototyped a plate switch out of cardboard, and I created a schematic for how moving around the space would change what you saw.

We were able to hook up Unity to the plate switches (see below.)

Our Playtest Plan for tomorrow (11/15):

Objective: Discover how people will explore our underwater world

  • We want to give limited instructions and see how people react. Do they walk around?

  • Will they figure out how stepping in a certain place changes the world? Can they figure out that certain objects in the world can be manipulated by physical touch?

Set up:

  • 2 plate switches on the floor under yoga mats, hidden in random places. These control the orientation of the projected world (One moves left, one moves right).

  • 1 Plate switch on the wall, opens box that contains the key when pressed.

    • Box that contains key is only opened by the wall switch and only when the box is in frame.

  • Attach computer to HDMI projector in the classroom to display the Unity world on back wall

Instructions for the user: “Find the key.”

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