Week 1 Animation: Stop Motion


  • Cara Neel

  • Xiatong Ma

  • Ruyi Chen


  • We were interested in creating a tiny, lovable character who goes on an adventure to a new world, inspired by Marcel the Shell and WALL-E.

  • Xiaotong had the idea to build the character out of a breadboard, which gave him his name, “Dough.” The multiple arrangements of wires and components inherent in a breadboard allowed us to add a lot of expressiveness to the character.

  • We wanted to have the character interact with humans, both in accidental and intentional ways.



  • Canon Mark 3 with zoom lens

  • Tripod

  • USB to laptop

  • Laptop

  • Dragonframe



  • We had to shoot the first scene four different times because we bumped the camera SLIGHTLY and it ruined our previous shots.

  • Figuring out how much to move the scene to create believable motion, even using onion skin, was hard.

  • Shooting the scene where Dough falls into the backpack was took many takes, because we had attached him to clear wire and we were trying to hide it. It was also difficult whenever Ruyi’s hands or body were in the shot, because she had to move very slowly in order to make the motion match the rest of the video.

It was great working with Xiaotong and Ruyi, and I am really happy with the final product.