Escape Room Week 2: Creating the first puzzles


This week August and I started working on our part of the first puzzle. We were assigned to work on gloves and a maze, with the gloves having several capabilities (including being magnetic, housing an RFID, and having audio jacks.)

We first attached three small magnets to the middle finger of the right hand glove by sewing them in. We then tested the ability of the glove to move magnets through a thin sheet of plastic. Once convinced that worked, we sewed an RFID fob to the palm of the left hand.


Once we determined the magnetics worked, we set about building a prototype of the maze out of cardboard. We then had a change to do some preliminary user testing. Our next steps are:

1) Place a clear plastic cover on the maze and deciding how to disguise it in the desk (to encourage communication between players.)

2) Create more magnetic interference so that the glove magnet doesn’t stick so forcefully to the magnetic object in the maze.

3) Determine uses for the RFID and headphone jacks (also attach headphone jacks).