Homemade Hardware Week 1: Fun with the ATTiny85

This week, our assignment was to use the programming jig we soldered to program a breadboard interaction with the ATTiny85..
I knew I wanted to do something with sound, and I saw an opportunity to collaborate with one of my other classes, Critical Objects.

My first project was to get the ATTiny to play simple tones, which I did using the tone() command on Arduino. Programming it went smoothly, save two hiccups:

1) I had to keep re-running the Arduino as ISP example between unplugging the programming jig and re-plugging it into my Arduino

2) I tried to follow this tutorial to get my Arduino to produce a 1 second scream sound; however, when converting my .wav file, I always got an error, so I ended up only using tones.

My second interaction directly related to my project for Critical Objects, The Female Companion. I wanted it to mimic the sound of a siren. I eventually ended up moving from a solderless to a soldered breadboard with the ATTiny, to ensure more reliable connections for my Critical Objects midterm.