Homemade Hardware Week 4: Final Project Proposal



For my final project, I want to build a wearable body “headlamp” that runners (including myself) can wear while running at night, to increase their visibility to motorists. This would replace the traditional reflective vests and headlamps that runners usually rely on, and in addition to looking cool (I’m really excited about programming the neopixels), I want to make it a “smart lamp” that will automatically light up when it senses the environment getting darker (via a photocell), so I don’t have to stop my run to turn it on.


Bill of materials:

-ATTiny85 microcontroller, available in the ITP shop

-Bantam FR-4 blank circuit board


-Resistors (330 ohm, 10k ohm), available in ITP hard lab

-220 uF capacitor, available in ITP hard lab

-Adafruit Neopixel ring or Neopixel LEDs from digikey — as of yet, undecided. I love the way the pre-built Neopixel ring looks, but could have more freedom with the design if I choose to solder them myself.

- 3.7V LiPo battery


-Simulation of fire with Neopixel ring and ATTiny85

-ATTiny Dark Detector

-Smart Lighting Arduino Photocell

Caroline NeelComment