Critical Objects Final Proposal: Safety Gloves for LGBT Couples



TOPIC: LGBT discrimination


MOOD: Apprehensio

DEVICE: Empathy


For my final project I want to focus on LGBTQ discrimination in the USA, namely, that LGBTQ individuals don’t feel safe showing affection or holding hands in public.

I was inspired by this ad campaign, that illustrates one of the sacrifices LGBTQ couples often have to make in public— do they hold hands and risk putting themselves and their partner at risk? Is it a safe space?


In response, I want to create gloves that are designed to be worn by a gay couple (one for each partner) that allow them to “hold hands” in spaces that are unsafe. This will work (I think) via bluetooth, so that the action of one partner’s glove (e.g., squeezing their own hand) will be mirrored in the other person’s glove.


-I want the gloves to be functional and allow reasonable movement on the part of the wearer (nothing too clunky/heavy, etc.) (FUNCTIONALITY)

-I want the hand-holding to be indiscernible to anyone who is not the wearer (DISCRETION)

Caroline NeelComment