Population Infinite Week 3: Simulation


Create a simulated version of yourself that takes over one task (social, creative, or professional) of your daily life.

I chose to simulate my social self, specifically, the self who posts on Instagram. I have an instagram dedicated entirely to my artistic projects: photography, drawings, digital art, installations, etc. I wanted to see if I could simulate both the content and the captions that I post to the account.

I was intrigued by last week’s Runway demo, particularly the images created by the Spade-Coco model. I used the same model to draw several different images (see below) which I then posted to instagram.




In order to generate the captions, I downloaded all my data from instagram, including a JSON file containing the captions from every photo and story I had ever posted. I then used an online word shuffler to randomize all the words in the captions. I downloaded the randomized file and then went through it, by hand, extracting all the sentences that made grammatical sense. I then used a selection of these as captions for each photo.

daydreaming site 1) but code. 

This voices/ light. no Tuesday, photos can bar 

"Always chapstick, a city. in light. 

 downtown humor. year default . l

 realize at sunsets

 ...and today. as at winter. 

 sleep like weather 

 my day of taking Golden & blue 

ten-minute Sentiment's and motto. 

 but tonight’s the sunshine. T

 bliss pie, last place. #

 my eeriest me is to Montréal. 

beautiful city, metallic hour . 

love tourist. 

spirit needs no first ever 

attentive Self-portrait, observers.

 this City nowhere Wooden was . 

 BIG big look . 

 glass ton sleepless way 

 tall travels. two . Sundays

 night not getting it’s piercing. girl gods 

fell my 🕰 lately.

young from today game

when “All walks summer


Moving forward, I think it would be fun to automate this process further— write a script, maybe in Puppeteer, that could log into my instagram account, pull out a random photo, and pull out a random caption to publish, without my being the intermediary.

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