unofficial mcgill guide

The Unofficial McGill Guide was an online resource for prospective and current McGill students that offered student tutorials on topics like class registration, using the library services, choosing a dorm, and navigating the student health system, as well as suggestions for where to eat on campus, places to explore in Montreal, and advice on picking roommates and apartments after first year.

The Guide was included on the First Year Office's introduction email to all incoming first-year McGill students in 2013 and 2014. The guide had over 80,000 viewers from more than 100 countries. It was cofounded in 2012 by myself and another student, Max Blumberg. The Unofficial McGill Guide was the recipient of the 2015 McGill Entrepreneurship Prize. In 2017, the content of the guide was shifted to a new platform run by current McGill Students, Simplify McGill.